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Code of Ethics

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The Norwegian Forest Cat Fancier's Association Code of Ethics for Breeder and Provisional Breeder Members

Purpose and Objectives: This Code of Ethics is binding on all Breeder Members and Provisional Breeder Members ( " Breeders" ) of the Norwegian Forest Cat Fanciers Association ( "NFCFA" ). The continued existence of a healthy and pure breed of Norwegian Forest Cat depends upon the Breeders recognition of certain ethical considerations. A consequent obligation of Breeders is to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct. This ethical code is designed to be adopted by Breeders both as an inspirational guide and a model for minimum standards of conduct. The ethical considerations are aspirational in character and represent the objectives toward which every Breeder should strive. They constitute a body of principles upon which a Breeder can rely for guidance in many situations.

  1. First and foremost, the Breeders agree to conduct their business practices in a manner consistent with State, Federal, and Local laws.

  2. Records: Members should keep accurate records of all matings and pedigrees. Members should register breeding stock and litters with at least one ( 1 ) recognized cat association as listed in the Bylaws ( Article 1 Section B 1 ).

  3. Breeding: Breeders should endeavor to learn as much as possible about the recommended procedures for successful breeding before establishing a cattery, consulting books, veterinarians, or other reputable breeders for advice and training.

    No Norwegian Forest Cat shall be bred to any cat other than a registered Norwegian Forest Cat. Breeding stock should be healthy and exhibit no radical departures from the Norwegian Forest Cat standard.

    A female should not be bred until she is at least one year old or has been in heat twice, and should not be made to bear more that two litters in a 12 month period.

    Stud males should be allowed seven to ten days between breeding females. If a female is sent to the male, the dam's owner is responsible for both shipping charges and a reasonable boarding charge, unless the parties agree otherwise. A repeat stud service should be offered if the female fails to conceive or reabsorbs the kittens.

    Breeders with breeding males and females shall take reasonable precautions to avoid accidental breedings. Kittens of unknown lineage or the offspring of an accidental breeding to a different breed shall be altered.

    Breeders should provide proper care at their facilities for safe and healthy delivery of kittens, and wherever possible, should be available to assist the queen if necessary, without undue interference with natural parturition. A veterinarian should be consulted at the first sign of life-threatening difficulty.

    Kittens born with a deformity which the veterinarian deems incompatible with a healthy or comfortable life should be euthanized. If a Breeder suspects other hereditary defects, a geneticist or veterinarian should be consulted as soon as possible, and their findings promptly reported to all previous purchasers of kittens from the same breeding stock and the owner/breeder of the sire and/or dam. Breeders should make reasonable efforts to ensure that kittens are placed in a satisfactory home with loving owners.

  4. Health: Breeders should maintain good standards of health and care for their cats, including the following: 1) adequate room for exercise; 2) regular grooming; 3) clean quarters; 4) adequate ventilation; 5) balanced diet and adequate water; 6) love and affection; 7) regular inoculations and veterinary care.

  5. Sales: It is the Breeders obligation to honestly appraise the quality and potential of the kittens sold, and to inform the buyer of the difference between pet, breeder, and show cats. The Breeder should inform potential buyers of the proper care of a cat and the responsibility of breeding, and Show Rules and conduct. Breeders should be available to a reasonable extent to give the buyer advice after the sale is executed.

    It is recommended that all sales transactions be in writing and that the contract of sales include the following:

    1. A complete description of the cat/kitten to be sold, including color and quality

    2. The course of action to be taken if a kitten proves to be sterile, in poor health, or incompatible with the buyers family ( e.g. complete or partial refund of the purchase price, exchange or return of the kitten, or payment of reasonable veterinary expenses ).

    3. Whether registration papers and pedigrees will be provided at the time of sale ( show/breeder quality ) or after proof of neutering ( pet quality ).

    4. Which vaccinations are to be given before the sale ( Recommended: feline enteritis, calicivirus and rhinotracheitis ).

    5. A guarantee of health and freedom from internal and external parasites.

    6. Clear and specific enumeration of the buyers duties to the seller, including the procedure and time period for notice of defects, and any other limitations of the guarantee.

  6. Advertising: All advertising, whether written or oral, shall be factual and not worded in a way that would mislead the buyer or violate Federal, State or local consumer protection laws.

  7. Sportsmanship: Breeders should conduct themselves in a manner which reflects credit upon the breed, the NFCFA, and themselves. Breeder members agree to abide by the relevant rules and customs governing each show, whether as an exhibitor or a spectator. Breeders are urged to be both a gracious winner and a gracious loser, remembering that the health and well being of our cats is more important than winning.

  8. Agreements: NFCFA strongly recommends that all transactions and agreements be in writing and be performed in good faith. This includes contracts for stud service, sale of kittens/cats, and agency agreements. Receipts should be issued for all payments received.

  9. Enforcement: These provisions will be enforced according to the Constitution and Bylaws of the NFCFA.

I agree to the terms and conditions contained in this code of ethics and I understand that if I fail to comply with these standards expressed herein I may be subject to Discipline.

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